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Business House
Welcome to the Redwood Park Business House Section.
A little history.
Business House was started back in 1985 by the member Wayne Green. The teams then consisted of 5 players, 4 playing with one reserve. It did not take long for the competition to become very popular which meant the teams increased to 6 players. 25 years on the competition is still very popular, with teams now consisting of 8 players, 6 playing with 2 reserves.
Business House is played on the second Wednesday of each month starting in February of each year. A sheet is posted on the notice board each January for any members wishing to join a team.
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2015 Business House Links Below.
 Congratulations to We Scape in winning both the Matchplay & Stableford Team competitions this year, Along with Grant Morris the individual Stableford winner & Jason Denholm the individual Matchplay winner. Well done to all the Teams & their Sponsors for their contributions again. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas & a Happy new year.
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 We would like our members to be supported in their businesses by other members of the club,So for a small fee you can have your company details attached to the website for members to view.
Please contact the office if you would be interested .